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The chocolate atelier

Our shop in Nchocolate next to the chocolate atelier, offers an exceptional 100 gram chocolate bars made with Callebaut in delicious flavor combinations. Chocolate with red pepper, 80% Cocoa with ginger, Acticoa with garlic bear herbs or white chocolate with dried tomatoes, garlic and basilicum. The fancy chocolate compositions, fruity chocolate pastilles, and chocolate bars, pralines, or callets make the main chocolate theme, these are a perfect gift for any celebration, everything is available next to our Atelier. For true chocolate lovers.


True chocolate mousse

This is the secret of the finest wedding cakes and festive desserts. Light and delicate, made from the real chocolate, perfectly fit for a family celebration, or meeting with friends after years. Cakes, desserts and pralines, chocolate pencils and other fanciful shapes are designed to help your unique needs. Available on request in our chocolate Atelier.