N Czekolada


Chocolate roots

Robert Narojek’s adventure with chocolate is long, more than 20 - years of dedication to real cocoa roots. This time allowed him to learn the secrets of making chocolate from the beans, to the best shaped tablets and pralines. It is no coincidence that out of many finest chocolates, including well-known to him Cadbury’s in England, for his own production he has selected absolutely best and noble - Belgian chocolate from Callebaut.

Atelier of knowledge and passion

Nearly a quarter of century of passion combined with experience resulted in his own studio of artisanal chocolate. In a small family business, chocolate is made with the highest craftsmanship standards, using the best raw materials, the products of highest quality. Such a wide range of unique and unusual flavor combinations you can find only here - everyday.

Chocolate Maestro

Chocolate lab has its own experienced master. Robert Główka daily ensures the quality of the products, composing original new flavor combinations and gives you a show of chocolate fantasies. He is also known from the introduction of chocolate products to Blikle.