N Czekolada


For your body and soul

Great tasting chocolate bar brings not only a smile but also imroves the positive feeling. Chocolate not only improves the mood it also has many natural health benefits. It is rich in anti-oxidants and poliphenols, reduces stress levels and bad cholesterol, and provide the body with magnesium and valuable vitamins B, D and E. With a few chocolate pieces, serotonin known as the hormone of happiness, is truly buzzing in our body.

From beans to chocolate

Our passion helps, creating the best chocolate products that are produced from the best raw materials. We know thoroughly the route from cocoa beans all the way to the finest hand made chocolate products. Our chocolate inventions are characterized by the highest quality during the whole process and meet even the strictest standards. But we'll never forget that chocolate is for everyone and everyone can afford a little pleasure.

Imagination doesn’t constrain us

In our atelier we prepare bitter chocolate, milk and most delicate white in unusual flavor combinations and different shapes, born in the imagination of our Maestro. The flagship product is a 100 gram chocolate bar signed by N-chocolate and made of the finest Belgian Callebaut. Our assortment also includes a delicate white chocolate named Velvet. We also use best Swiss chocolate, that won the gold medal at the fair in Italy as the best Milk Chocolate. However for the lovers of the best always our main raw material is Belgian chocolate.

Excellent and healthy Acticoa

ACTICOA available in our chocolate atelier contains twice as many natural antioxidants in comparison with the standard chocolate bars. Already 8 grams a day can protect against the negative effects of modern lifestyle. With a special process, the processing of cocoa beans, Acticoa retains an intense and well-balanced flavor, that later we combine with garlic bear herbs or green tea and Polish flowers as well as cocoa nibs. This combinantion is enriching it with additional health benefits.